What is the difference between integrator and consultant?
A consultant limits their designs and potentially assists in the purchase of equipment. As an integrator, Avante Ingeniería provides design of a system and takes responsibility in the implementation of equipment and post sale service delivering a complete functional system to the customer.



Does Avante Ingeniería only sell equipments that Avante Ingeniería represents?
Avante Ingeniería only represents the best equipments you can find in the market. In addition Avante Ingeniería has the flexibility to source and supply more suitable equipment globally.



Why is Avante Ingeniería advantegeous?
Our ultimate objective is to provide our clients with the complete, optimal solution for their distribution system requirements. This includes not only the design and analysis phase, but, the total implementation from building architectural services and construction through system equipment, software installation and operator training. Because we function as an integral member of the client’s project team, we feel that this approach provides for the maximum continuity from the beginning phases to the completion of the project. It also substantially shortens the overall project schedule and reduces total project costs. Also, because we are an implementation company, design services are not a profit center. As a result, our
fees reflect our projected “out of pocket” expenses and, because these services are a normal component of the implementation, they are credited to the implementation cost when that Phase is awarded to Avante Ingeniería. The end result is typically a dramatic reduction in client costs for the entire design-build process.



May Avante Ingeniería offer solutions in any portion of your project?
Yes, we can offer a turnkey solution or we can only provide project design, only equipment or software installation, or only a consultant job.



Does Avante Ingeniería offers its services in any supply chain stage?
Yes, we offer different solutions in any stage or your supply chain.